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Various programmes are organized at Platan Beach during the whole summer.

  • The Contest of Swimming Across Balaton between Balatonboglar and Revfulop is a very popular amateur swimming contest with the participation of more thousands of people (on the last Saturday of July).
  • The Boglar Vintage Festival is held on 20 August.
  • Puszta programmes in the surroundings
  • Wine tasting in the surroundins

Sights of Balatonboglár

  • The catholic church in the centre of the city was built in 1932.
  • The Castle Hill above the church is a nature conservation area.
  • The symbol of the city is the look-out tower which is erected on the top of the hill. The look-out tower offers a wondeful view to the lake.
  • The near castle of Szoloskislak serves as a museum of viniculture.

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